Lucie's work

not for profit marketeer & sustainable life style expert


Lucie is a self-educated woman. She has gathered her knowledge and training from a number of different learning experiences, both formal and informal. She has taken several courses and has a broad work background. Until recently, Lucie worked for Trias a Belgian development organisation. Her work included development of strategic fundraising plan, on Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) for the not for profit sector supplement and of GRI sustainability report. She was also on the board of directors of MO magazine.

In 2005. Lucie started her own small company Ludi Educative Winkel (Ludi educational shop). The company does sustainable marketing for sustainable lifestyles. Within Ludi, Lucie gives workshops and lectures, consults on strategic marketing options for NGOs, and gives advise on fundraising and campaigning.

An example of a project Lucie contributed to was the Donderdag Veggiedag campaign with EVA the Vegetarian Society of Flanders, promoting Thursday as a day to eat only vegetarian. In Gent it has had a huge success, with public institutions taking part.

De Natuurfrituur (Natural fries shop) is one of Ludi’s projects that recently turned into a company of its own. De Natuurfrituur is a mobile, organic and vegetarian French fries shop. It is a co-operative whereby people buy shares, as a way of capital raising in a participative way. More so, it is a company aiming at creating jobs for otherwise jobless people (who, for some reason, don’t fit the job market).

“I have the ultimate freedom of only working on the jobs that I agree with and that I believe in. I don’t have to compromise myself or lie to myself. That’s a luxury!"


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