Vera's Q&A

Q: Where do you buy your food in Porto?
I order my fruit & vegetables from an organic production in Tondela  (about 100km distance) that delivers in Porto twice a week.

Q: Wha book would you recommend on the subject?
On the matter of animal rights I definitely recommend Animal Liberation by Peter Singer, which covers pretty much all the subjects on animal exploitation and how we can individually put and end to it.

Q: Could you share with us one simple recipe for a vegan dessert?
This was the first vegan cake I learned how to make:
basic recipe for cake:
500g self raising flour
250g sugar
200ml vegetable oil
300ml soya milk
variations: add cocoa powder for chocolate cake, or mixed nuts, or substitute milk for same quantity with water and orange juice, plus orange rind. The combinations are multiple!

Q: Do you have any suggestions for a sustainable gift? Something easy  to make?
I believe that the meaning is much more important than the value. Make your own postcard from a real photo, reuse any cardboard box and decorate it with leaves, shells, flowers, buttons or any other things you may have.

Q: Anything else you can think of?
Imagine that your individual actions would in fact make a difference. Now, realise that actually they do!

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