Maiken's home


Maiken lives in a beautiful high ceiling apartment in Oslo with her husband Chris and their daughter. Inside, everything is tasteful and it is clear that they think about quality and long lasting interior.
Chris is a bit of the home's handyman. He finds wood, fixes up doors and tries to reuse things. And there are plants everywhere. The balcony is our favourite place in the home. Right next to the kitchen, full of plants growing and with a great view over Oslo.
Maiken has a bit of an extended balcony. With the Majobo project, several plots of land, including one rooftop are being used by the network to experiment with permaculture, for learning and showcasing. They have made great progress in reaching out to the local communities as well as the municipalities. The way the Majobo project is growing in support and participants, we are hopeful that Oslo will be a true pioneer in locally produced food.


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