Tom's home

Tom bought a 2-floor house from 1875 in the fall of 2010. The house was in a bad condition, missing windows, leaking roof, damp, and the previous owners had burned their heating fire directly on the ground.
To Tom this was a positive thing. He could then renovate the house without having to throw away useful but unwanted items.
Less than a year later his home is taking shape and he has made a bunch of ecological decisions for it.

Tom does not believe much in high-tech solutions, due to their high impact production processes, transport and high costs. Instead he prefers simple basic ecological materials and natural choices. Recycling & reusing is his favorite. For instance, When Tom came across workers fixing a road close to his house he asked if he could take home leftovers of bluestone rocks, and got a yes. So now old rocks that were once a part of a road have found a new home in Tom’s garden.

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