Yolanda's Q&A

Q: Do you have a recipe for organic tradtional bread
Making bread, is not only about the milliliters of water, grams of flour and a bit of salt. It is more interesting to mix ingredients with care, enjoy the manual work and create a delicious product. This recipe is based on using sourdough. Sourdough consists of flour & water and can be activated with something sweet: sugar or honey for example.
For 1 bread of 1 kilo, we use 500 g. flour. You can add seeds or other ingredients (garlic, herbs, olives, nuts etc.) to give extra taste to the bread. See here a full recipe and instructions 'Bon Appetit'

]Q: How do you make or continue making a sourdough yeast?
Sourdough is a dough containing a lactobacillus culture, usually in symbiotic combination with yeasts. It is one of two principal means of leavening in bread baking, along with the use of cultivated forms of yeast (Saccharomyces).
Sourdough starter is made with a small amount of old dough saved from a prior batch, and is sometimes called mother dough or chef. As long as this starter culture is fed flour and water weekly, it can stay at room temperature indefinitely. If you are not planning to activate her or to make bread for some weeks put her in the freezer! If you see black water on top of her you can pour this water out (this is a sign that she can go bad in future. If you pour it out or activate her at this time, there is no problem at all).  Here is a more detailed manual. Don't forget to save some sourdough for the next baking day!

Q: What are your favourite films/books/ related to alternative living?
Swedish comedy Together (Lukas Moodysson)
Documentary on Michael Ruppert Collapse (Chris Smith)
A beautiful nature documentary Home  (Yann Arthus-Bertrand)
The Power of Community - How Cuba survived Peak Oil (Faith Morgan)
Medieval Spanish ghost town becomes self-sufficient ecovillage. A Short documentary about a construction of an "ecoaldea" - ecovillage - in Spain, build from the ashes of former Medieval town.

Transition Town Handbook by Rob Hopkins
The Last Of The Hippies - An Hysterical Romance by Penny Rimbaud
Graan by Ruben van Dijk (dutch, ecothriller) 

Q: How do you get from Porto to Holland and back?
I go to Holland regularly.  For sure about 2/3 times a year.  I travel mostly by bus, which takes up to 34 hours... :) If I am not in a hurry and travel with others I hitch hike

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