Denis' Q&A

Q: What can we do here in Europe for Gorilla conservation?
It is certain that the survival of gorillas and other endangered great ape species will be determined by the people who live in close proximity of their habitat; however these people must be actively supported by the rest of the world if we are to safe our closest relatives (the great apes) from extinction. Europeans can raise awareness about the need to protect gorillas, support conservation projects, protest the unethical use of primates in medical research, and demand that European companies exploiting timber and mineral resources in gorilla range countries adhere to strict environment standards. Europeans can also support development efforts in range countries aimed at offsetting pressures on forest extractive processes.

Q: What should we not do?
Fold your arms and watch while our closest relatives are slaughtered to extinction. In the words of Dr. Jane Goodall the disappearance of gorillas or chimpanzees “will leave a black mark on our history”.
Q: What are your favourite books/films on the subject?
My most favourite book is In the Shadows of Man a vivid and fascinating account of the lives of wild chimpanzees written by the legendary Dr. Jane Goodall. This book introduced me to the lives of great apes and 15 years after I first read the book I still carry a copy signed by the author everywhere I go.  My favourite movie is the 2006 documentary film An Inconvenient Truth that presented the severity of the climate crisis.
Q: Do you have any practical advise on low cost solutions?
Do not use more than you need. there are so many things we can do without. And we have a tendency to use too many detergents. So, keep it simple. Do not wash cloths very often. My father used to sundry his clothes most of the time instead of wash them. That saves time, detergent, and water!


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