Pedro's work

Eco-Social activist & alternative tour guide


Pedro studied marketing and advertising, but he has never worked in that field. Something felt wrong about working in an industry that evolves around consumption and creating needs. So after his education, he turned to where his heart was. Pedro had already been involved in ecological and social movements and that’s what he wanted to continue with.
Pedro worked at a vegetarian restaurant for a while, and at Casa da Horta , a cultural center that facilitates cultural programmes and alternative lifestyles in Porto.
Actually Pedro is engaged in several projects. Currently he is mainly occupied with giving eco-social guided tours around Porto and alternative tourism. During these tours, Pedro shows people a broader view of the city, its history and how it is rapidly transforming. The aim of the tours is to show more than meets the eye and to give people a better sense of the city as well as the general issues related to urbanisation such as increased traffic, mushrooming of generic shopping malls and loss of local traditional trade.
He also gives workshops on sustainable living and vegetarian cooking that also
focuses on the source of food, origins, way of production etc.
Pedro also wrote the book, Be the Change you Want to See after his experience as a volunteer at an eco village in the Czech Republic in 2004.
Read more about Pedro- in Portuguese here
And here is a blog about the eco-social tours


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