Steven's Q&A

Q: Where to you keep your money?
Most common banks invest in things we would not like to support. More info.
I have my savings account with the Triodos ethical bank
I also buy small shares in cooperatives, such as Ecopower and an organic vegan French fry place. I think we can do more as consumers, not only in the way we buy, but also how we invest and by supporting cooperative ways of working
Q: Where did you find the rainwater barrel
It is very easy, you can buy one in almost all DIY stores like Gamma and Brico. It is not expensive and easy to install. More info
Q: Where do you go for your food
I grow some of my food myself. I also shop from the voedselteams. This is a system where producers are directly linked with consumers. You order online bread, veggies and fruits, and then they deliver to a pickup spot. You are sure then that your food comes from a local organic source.
Then there are 3 other places I sometimes go to:
A farmers market on Saturdays here in St. Amaandsberg
The Bio Shop around the corner
and Spar also sells food without packaging.
Q: You have installed a solar panel on your roof?
Yes, I have a simple system, 1 panel and a converter. I found it in the Netherlands. It goes plug and play, and whatever I don’t use goes back on the network. It cost around 500 Euros and it is enough for my energy use. But that is also because I use very little energy.
Q: Where do you go out for dinner?
there are several vegetarian or organic places in Ghent. My favourite is Komkommertijd. It’s a vegan buffet there, but people usually don’t even realise it’s vegan there
Another place I like is Avalon, vegetarian, and for quicker meals I go to Exki.

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